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APCA UK raises funds for APCA’s life-changing work across Africa, through grants from trusts and charities and sponsorship from individual supporters. We also promote awareness of the urgent need for palliative care in Africa, to relieve the pain and suffering of people with life-limiting illnesses. It’s the kind of care we’d choose for ourselves and our families. Help us ensure that everyone can receive it. More
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"My life was gone but they brought me hope"

The reality of diseases such as cancer and HIV and AIDS in Africa is that many millions of adults and children lose all quality of life and suffer long, painful deaths. This suffering is completely unnecessary and by promoting palliative care the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) aims to stop it.

"I've been taking morphine since 2007," says Anne Nakate (left, centre) who has a lemon-sized cancer tumour behind her ear. "The nurses work with me to manage my pain. My life was gone but they brought me hope. Now I can continue with my daily activities, move around, eat. My life is back."

That's what palliative care does. By providing specialist support for people with illnesses from which they won't recover it restores dignity and prevents unnecessary suffering. It can also give people back their lives - with the right treatment many can live fulfilling and productive lives for years to come. Palliative care is the kind of care we'd all want for ourselves and our families. But many millions of people in Africa who need this care don't get it. Together we can make sure they do.