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Our Trustees

APCA UK is governed by a team of Trustees. We currently have four Trustess and information can be found about them here. 



Derek Atkins - Chairperson

Derek is a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge. He has had a business career that has involved working for a local authority, a large insurance company and more recently in the publishing industry, retiring in 2017. In addition, in the early 2000s he spent three years as director of an HIV/AIDS treatment and training centre in Uganda, and it was this experience that convinced him that palliative care needed significant development within the continent of Africa. He joined the APCA UK trustee board in 2013.







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Helen Simpson - Treasurer

Following employment in various administrative roles, Helen now runs a business with her husband and is a mother of three children.  Her interest in palliative care in Africa began in 2001 when her parents began working at a centre providing care for HIV / AIDS patients in Uganda, which Helen feels privileged to have visited several times.  She has recently joined APCA UK to be further involved in helping raise funds for and awareness of the need for palliative care for all in Africa.






Prof. Julia Downing

Julia was one of the founding board members of APCA and served on their Board and then worked in Uganda as the APCA Deputy Executive Director for four years. She is a Professor in Palliative Care, has lived and worked in Uganda since 2001, working initially within the country, then across Africa and now globally. She is also the Executive Director of the International Children's Palliative Care Network (ICPCN).



Sue Yates

During her professional life, Sue has worked in food production and distribution and more recently as a director of a local newspaper group.  For 20 years she has also been a Trustee of the Veta Bailey Charitable Trust which gives grants for training medical professionals in developing countries.  She became involved with APCA UK because she believes that people in Africa should have the same access we have in the West to pain relief and support at the end of life.  While it is seen as a basic human right in developed countries, the subject of palliative care in Africa is often completely overlooked or seen as a luxury rather than a necessity.